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Skin, Empowered.

Sandhya V Koppula MD:
Cornell Dermatology Clinic
Solo Dermatologist in Beaverton

Holistic Dermatology Care in a Small Office Setting

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Sandhya V Koppula MD practices medical dermatology in the Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Portland communities. We make treatment plans with a holistic approach aligning with your history, lifestyle, and preferences. Our services include skin cancer prevention, thorough skin exams, biopsy and surgical care, patient advocacy, mole mapping, and more! Dr. Koppula is board-certified and has been practicing dermatology for over 36 years.

Our Beaverton Office Location

Thorough Skin Exams

Unhurried Care


Why Us

Why Us?

Dr. Koppula's care approach and self-pay clinic model achieve a greater patient-doctor relationship without the layered bureaucracy of health insurance. Dr. Koppula offers proprietary mole mapping, skin cancer exams, and holistic skin care aligned with each patient. 

Mole Mapping

Skin Cancer Detection

Holistic Care

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