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Our Pricing

Payment Policies

Dr. Koppula practices holistic, unhurried, and thorough dermatology, for the benefit of her patients rather than their insurance plans. Dr. Koppula operates a direct-pay/cash-pay model and does not accept payment from any insurance plans. Our staff will give you a quote or estimate for Dr. Koppula’s time and expertise regarding your visit before you arrive at the clinic. All office visits and procedures are paid for at the time of service. Our staff produces itemized receipts for you following the visit. We accept payment via credit card, HSA/FSA card, cash, and check.

Visit Examples and General Prices

Here are some examples of typical office visits with Dr. Koppula:


Holistic care visit ($395+)

  • Reviewing extensive medical history including non-skin conditions

  • Addressing multiple (4+) skin problems in a holistic manner in one visit

  • Building multi-step, personalized treatment plans while coordinating care with other medical professionals


Skin cancer exam/review ($295+)

  • Getting a head-to-toe skin exam (mole map updates as applicable)

  • Reviewing of lesions changes over time

  • Taking new pictures of spots

  • Following up for extensive skin cancer or abnormal mole history


Typical established patient visit ($225-$350)

  • Getting a baseline skin exam

  • Consulting with Dr. Koppula about new or unexpected skin issues

  • Going over 1-3 ongoing skin issues (e.g. mild to moderate acne, new/recurring flare-ups, new spots)

  • Creating and adjusting custom treatment plans, reviewing labs, monitoring high-strength medications

  • Following up with any previous conditions

  • Having a biopsy or cryotherapy procedure executed at the same visit (usually $150-$200 added on).

Scheduling & Quotes

Our staff estimate the time you need while adjusting the logistics of the visit based on your concerns when you call the clinic or send us a written inquiry. Naturally, visits may be a bit longer or shorter depending on your needs. Our fees are determined primarily by time spent with Dr. Koppula and by services performed for you. Please see the tables above for our typical fees and various examples of appointments. Generally, a visit with Dr. Koppula is at least 30 minutes. A mole mapping or holistic care visit involving multiple skin concerns is at least 60 minutes.

Please note that fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

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