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Spot, Mole, and Skin Tag Removal Services

Precise medical care


Holistic skin care


Unhurried medical care


Spots are removed all the time for both medical and cosmetic reasons. The most common procedure to remove moles, skin tags, and other bothersome spots is the shave biopsy. With this method, Dr. Koppula applies a local anesthetic to the surface around the spot of concern before using a fine blade to take the spot flush off the skin. Please see the bottom infographic for a simple illustration.

Request a visit here if you have troublesome skin tags and moles you would like to have removed. We are happy to review pictures ahead of time as a complementary service to make sure the procedure is a good fit for you. Dr. Koppula always obtains patient consent and explains the pros/cons of the procedure before performing any spot removal.

Pricing guidelines: Normally, the first visit inolves $295 for a consult and $150 for first spot removal. Any further procedures are $100-$150 per spot or skin tag. Dr. Koppula always sends biopsies to a pathology lab to screen lesions for any malignancies. Call (503) 439-6969 or send an inquiry for a custom quote.

Cited skin biopsy concept examples

Skin Biopsy Example

Credit: "Shave Biopsy." Photograph. Healthwise, 12/17/2020. Accessed 03/23/2021.

When it comes to procedures, Dr. Koppula’s precise, holistic, and unhurried approach benefits patients' medical and aesthetic well-being. Slight scarring is expected at the end of the shave removal procedure. Dr. Koppula guides patients through all the post-operative care steps to ensure beautiful healing over time. After the procedure, Dr. Koppula contacts patients herself as a courtesy follow-up to check in about post-operative healing progress. 

Please note that fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

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